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Aug. 2020


Aug. 2020





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A Legendary Palm Springs Resort, Reborn.

Originally designed by the visionary architect Irwin Schuman, The Riviera was fashioned after the glamorous hotels of old Las Vegas. Freshly-reinvented, today’s Riviera blends the best of its retro heyday, when celebrities like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin once lounged poolside, with the modern amenities today’s traveler craves. Learn more about our resort’s history below.

Resort History


  • Original architect and visionary, Irwin Schuman fashioned the resort after major Vegas hotels like The Sands, The Flamingo, and The Stardust. Opening in 1959, our Palm Springs resort immediately became the go-to hot spot for celebrities and sophisticates like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, who would lounge by the pool and in the Presidential Suite.
  • Elvis Presley was a frequent visitor at The Riviera and sought both refuge and rehearsal space in the Mediterranean Room for his band before leaving for tours and shows in Las Vegas.
  • It was the only hotel in the United States at the time to be built in a spoke wheel shape, a unique shape which would fit into the psychedelic culture of the 60’s because of its communal shape.


  • The Riviera becomes a hotbed for swinging ’60s culture. It’s a staple hangout for the Rat Pack, and Elvis Presley visits with his band. Famed singers like Desi Arnaz perform, as well as big name acts like Sonny and Cher frequent the hotel.


  • The 60’s give way to a more mellow 70’s culture as The Riviera becomes more of a family hotel in keeping with the theme of that generation. Frank Sinatra hosts several “Love Ins” in 78’ and 80’ – fundraisers that had Frank donning an apron and cooking pasta sauce in The Riviera kitchen.
  • Sonny Bono opens an Italian restaurant, Bono’s, in the hotel.
  • Riviera Hosts R&B New Years eve in the Grand Ballroom with Beyonce, Jay-Z & Ice T in the late 90’s


  • The Riviera Palm Springs, a Tribute Portfolio Resort, opens as the second Tribute in the United States under Starwood Hotels and Resorts.


  • With the current renovation, the “Riv”, as it is affectionately referred to by locals, rises to a new level of bohemian cool for generations to come.